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  • Versatility

    The versatility of EPS is endless. Interior and exterior EPS
    wall insulation will help you achieve your R-Value requirements.
    Many sizes available in stock for quick delivery.
    Custom cutting available.

  • Environmental and

    Below grade, voidform, geofoam and under slab installation
    options make EPS one the most economical and environmentally
    friendly choices available.

  • We help construction
    innovate and grow.

    Above grade or below grade applications make EPS foam
    insulation your project product of choice.

  • Build Green...
    Build Better

    Whether your project is large or small, EPS foam insulation is your most adaptable, long lasting and economical alternative.

about Co-Star Innovations

Co-Star Innovations is an authorized distributor of EPS, specializing in high-quality expanded polystyrene products for building both residential and commercial buildings. The quality of our products are equal to our name-brand competition but without the price. We are a local business, helping other prairie businesses.

We service all three prairie provinces - Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.

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  • build
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Why Choose EPS?

Our EPS products share many of the same qualities of our name brand competition,
except the price! We can deliver our products to your worksite within a week of placing
the order. (Some restrictions may apply)

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EPS Facts. Did you Know?

EPS contains no CFC’s, HCFC’s or formaldehyde.
It's mold and mildew free, plus, it's recyclable!

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EPS Applications

Roofing Insulation
Wall Insulation
Floor Insulation
Below Grade Insulation
Foundation Insulation
Mechanical Insulation
Commercial Uses
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